Wall-E Lego Set

There are a ton of Disney Lego sets and most of them I won’t be posting on here, but this one was designed by Angus MacLane, who was the Directing Animator for the movie. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“I started building the Lego version of Wall-E around the same time he was being built in the computer at Pixar, in the late summer of 2005. The color scheme of the character wasn’t settled so I started building with all light gray. As we refined the robot’s design for the film, I would update my Lego model. Once we go busier on the film, I had less time to build, so I put him on the shelf for a while…

…After I submitted the design to Lego Ideas, I did a few more revisions to the model to make it more accurate to the character design. Having stared at this robot for so many hours, I was extremely familiar with the proportions and functionality of Wall-E. Great input from Lego Designer Steen Sig Andersen and the team at The Lego Group, and from Andrew Stanton (the director of Wall-E), helped push the Lego Wall-E to its final design.

It took a lot of iterations over almost a decade, but I’m really happy with how the final Lego Wall-E turned out.”

Wall-E Lego 2
(Baby Groot not included)

Wall-E Lego 1

Wall-E Lego 3
One of my favorite detail from the set.
Wall-E Lego 4
Yes, the actual plant came with it as well.

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